Kitchen Chronicles

NOTE:  I apparently wrote this blog entry well over a year ago.  I’m still working on Kitchen Chronicles.  I’d still love to hear from folks…   Umpteen years ago I took a workshop with the amazing Jay O’Callahan. In that workshop we did a small exercise where we imagined the life of a kitchen implement.  Kitchen Chronicles

Thoughts on Goleniów

After nearly a month living in northwestern Poland with the Touchstone Theatre ensemble, working at/for/with an international theatre festival, I’ve had a few thoughts. Pierogies are hard to make. The Polish people are generous, thoughtful, kind, and willing to help with anything. There are madly talented people all over the world. I’m starting to allow Thoughts on Goleniów

Dictating Dictatorship

For the past few months I’ve been at work on a new play called Dictators 4 Dummies at Touchstone Theatre.  It’s by fellow Touchstone Ensemble Member Christopher Shorr, with fun music, even more fun dances, and witty, sharply biting political satire.  And I play 6 of the dictators, 5 of them historical, 1 of them a Dictating Dictatorship

What a Wonderful (and small) World

It was May of 2016 and I was about to head off for a three week tour in Europe with Touchstone Theatre (Bhudoo performed in Budapest and at the FLIPT Theatre festival in Italy).  My husband and I were having dinner with our neighbors, a delightful couple we’ve come to call friends. Hans:  Where are What a Wonderful (and small) World

Budapest…or bust

Hello friends! So world travelers….if any of you are spending time in Europe this summer (or if you are already in Europe) I hope you might find your way to one of these beautiful locales…   I’m happy to say that two weeks from now, I’ll be landing in Budapest, Hungary about to perform for Maladype Budapest…or bust

Jesus was a refugee

Years ago, as I was moving away from one city with my husband and new born daughter into an uncertain future, a friend gave me a Christmas present. It was a little porcelain statue of Joseph leading a donkey with Mary and the infant Jesus on its back…that part of the Christmas story we so Jesus was a refugee

Sunday morning meditation

This morning I am headed off to worship in a foreign language. In Allentown, PA, there are a group of refugees from Burma who are all of the Chin ethnic group. I met with their Elder, Timothy Van Nei and his brothers back in the Fall and heard part of their story. Today I’ll experience Sunday morning meditation

Mae Swe

After a long, bitter winter and a busy, busy spring, I am at last able to return to that project that has been on the burner for awhile now:  the Mae Sway Project. I am in the midst of gathering the personal stories and adventures of some of the Burmese refugees that have resettled in Mae Swe

MacGyvering Life

As I prepare for a performance tomorrow night on the theme of “IMPROV(e)” I have gotten to thinking about how most of life is a complete improv.  We fool ourselves into thinking we somehow are in charge when really all of us are making it up as we go along. That led me to thinking MacGyvering Life

Name that plate…

In a time when images of willful wild destruction of property are in the news, I am reminded of a ceremony I participated in: Name That Plate. A number of years ago I held a ceremony at the time of a painful divorce that included breaking crockery. As a female who’d spent most of her Name that plate…