Artist Statement

As a storyteller, I am the teller of truths, a listener to the pulse of an audience, a sharer of a journey that is both my own and a collective one. I am the voice of the prankster, the hero, the crone. I share tales of long ago, of just the other day, my story and your story. I like stories that remind people of the wonder of living and to celebrate the resiliency of the human spirit.

images-2Storytelling is the art of word, imagination, sound, gesture, posture, rhythm, dynamic, rhyme, voice, structure and feeling all working together to up-lift, educate, heal, teach, empower and entertain. It is also the art of LISTENING.

Theater is a form of storytelling, and with my background and training in both fields, I enjoy playing in the joy-filled gray areas between the two sister art-forms. By affirming the importance of imagination in an increasingly technological world, story-telling and story-listening share together in building community.