“We are the stories we tell.  Learning how to shape and reshape the personal narratives we use can help us remember and reclaim this truth for ourselves:  each of us is a unique and beautiful work of art with a story that only we can tell.  Ours is a story that needs to be heard. That is why I enjoy leading retreats and workshops on using the arts for rediscovering our selves.”

Mary has been an arts educator for more than 20 years.  She is rostered with the State of Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the Lehigh Valley Arts Council for residencies.  She has taught in classrooms from pre-K through college as well as continuing education classes.

Mary is well regarded for her workshop leading in subjects that range from healing stories and spirituality to honing personal presentation styles, professional theatre training, retelling Bible stories, gathering community and personal stories and more.  For more information contact Mary at