Mary has over 20 years experience as a professional storyteller and theater artist (including acting, directing and playwrighting). She has a vitality and energy on stage that engages audiences of all ages.

Performances include:

  • “A Couple of Cronies” Mary and her friend Cora Hook explore the joys and perils of facing 50 in the 21st Century. They midwife their midlife through story and song. [for MATURE audiences only]
  • “Arabella’ s Great Adventure” an adventure of the Westward Expansion based on the true story of a family ancestor who traveled the Oregon Trail in 1864 as a single young woman. [Ideal for Westward Expansion Curriculum]
  • “Around the World in 60 Minutes”  personal and folk tales from around the world. Ideal for school groups and intergenerational groups.
  • “You Gotta’ Have Heart”  Stories that uplift and celebrate the human spirit.
  • “A Tale to Tell”  A performance geared toward a theme of the presenters choosing (e.g St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, women’s stories, trickster tales, etc”)