Teaching Story and More

Rostered Teaching Artist

cropped-1382169_10151700635218483_1987085238_n21.jpg“Teaching Story”

As a rostered teaching artist for the State of Pennsylvania’s Council on the Arts, Mary is an artist in residence at schools throughout the region, using storytelling and theater techniques to bring students into the joy of learning. She has worked with students from pre-school through college.


  • My Story/My Self – a series of workshops (which can be run singularly or in conjunction with each other) that lead participants through a process of rediscovering their own stories, reconnecting with their own creative spark, and rekindling their own Spirit’s flame.
  • 1st Person Plural – learn how to gather stories and weave them together to tell the bigger picture of a family, a neighborhood, a community, a business, a church.
  • Learning How to Tell… If you’ve always wanted to know how to tell a good story, or where to find one, or how to create one, this workshop is for you.
  • Around the Dining Room Table – Learn how to turn memories and old family anecdotes into full-fledged tellable, memorable stories.
  • Tell and Do – Integrating stories and creative dramatics into a curriculum.
  • PERSONAL COACHING Feel nervous speaking in front of people? Want to get rid of the little habits that get in the way of communicating effectively? Is your performing in need of a little pick-me-up? As a professional theater director, Mary can help. One recipient’s response: “Thank you. What else can I say? You’ve made all the difference.”