Transformational Storytelling

We are the stories we tell.

There are times when we get caught in the rut of our own story-telling.  When we look at our multifaceted lives from a new angle, a new narrative, discoveries are made and we can look at the world, and our selves, in a whole new light.

Change your story – change your life.otaginenbutsujitemple4

After years in the professional theater world, Mary discovered storytelling in a corner of the state of Idaho and its been taking her around the country, and the world, ever since. Her specialties are personal stories (humorous, uplifting, poignant), folktales (especially from Southeast Asia), and true adventures from history. She has performed at festivals across the country, multitudes of school assemblies, and numerous church services.

Most recently her work has expanded to include working with story as a healing agent.