What Folks Are Saying

“Perfectly marvelous!”  Jay O’Callahan, Master Storyteller

images-4An entertaining, lively and dramatic performance for adults and children alike.”  The Morning Call

“You were funny.”  Sarah, 2nd grade

“I used to be nervous before giving a speech.  You’re simple techniques have been a revelation.”   Joe, 52, business owner

“Mary was super!  She helped me find another way to think about stories and personal telling that has enriched my creative life.  Not only was she willing to share her experiences and expertise during the workshop, she made herself available during breaktime to answer more questions.  I highly recommend her!”   Vicki Town, professional storyteller

Mary’s work with children is inventive, creative and inspired.  She has excellent skills at kid crowd control and always manages to bring smiles to children’s faces.  She is a joy to work with.”    Marcie Lightwood, professional educator

“Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and mentor.  You brought so many fresh ideas and intriguing approaches to class…you have renewed my love of acting all over again!”  Megan, high school acting student

“Mary has a deep and profound sensitivity to others that provide the basis for her interaction with others as well as her teaching ability.”    Ron Rice, pastor and counselor