Kitchen Chronicles

NOTE:  I apparently wrote this blog entry well over a year ago.  I’m still working on Kitchen Chronicles.  I’d still love to hear from folks…


Umpteen years ago I took a workshop with the amazing Jay O’Callahan.

In that workshop we did a small exercise where we imagined the life of a kitchen implement.  I fell in love with it and I’ve adapted that exercise and used it to facilitate what seems like countless workshops and story/play making activities of my own now.


After years of “wouldn’t that be fun” and “I wonder what would happen if”, I am finally getting off my duff and working on a creative piece that has been in the back of my mind ever since that first time I imagined I was a pair of chopsticks in my kitchen drawer.

I’ve loosely entitled the project “Kitchen Chronicles”.

It’s about kitchens.  It’s about families.  It’s about food.  It’s about the way folks tend to end up in a kitchen at parties.It’s about kitchen implements.  It’s about folk-wisdom and family-wisdom.  It’s about recipes.  It’s about cracking jokes and eggs (would that be cracking yokes?)

I’d love to find folks who are interested in chatting with me about experiences, about favorite kitchen lore, about spices and spatulas.