MacGyvering Life

As I prepare for a performance tomorrow night on the theme of “IMPROV(e)” I have gotten to thinking about how most of life is a complete improv.  We fool ourselves into thinking we somehow are in charge when really all of us are making it up as we go along.

That led me to thinking about a show I used to love watching “back in the day.”    Remember MacGyver?


I loved watching that show because of the chewing gum rescues of submarines.  And the ever present swiss-pocket-knife that made me long to get one as a Christmas gift.  And…let’s be honest here…I loved Richard Dean Anderson and his shaggy mullet.  Back in the late mid-80s that look was hot.

I think about all of the quick fixes MacGyver was able to make to deter the bad guys…with nothing but a paper clip and a rubber-band he could make a helicopter fly.  And I realize that while I’ve been wishing for a “What to Expect When You Stop Expecting” book to give me the how-to’s for the rest of raising kids, and for a “What To Expect…Period” book for the rest of life, really all of us are MacGyvering life.

We are making it up as we go along with the tools at hand and what-ever scraps of knowledge we’ve gleaned from past episodes of life.   So, the next time you peer into my purse and wonder why there is a piece of chewing gum, some duct-tape and a safety pin in there, know that I’m just hoping I’m prepared for what-ever’s next.


It’s just me Macgyvering it.  Like we all are.