of sparkles and emergency rooms

This was my day today:

12:08am.  Husband wakes me up to ask, “does my lip look swollen to you?”

3:30am.  Take husband to ER because not only is his lip swollen, so is his lower face.

Between 5am and 1pm there is a round-robin of heading home, heading back to the ER, heading home, heading back to the ER.

Finally reassured that he will be fine, eventually (maybe even tonight), I am convinced by husband that I HAVE to go teach my class about playwriting to elementary school students.

3:00 Arrive, feeling exhausted, at the elementary school to think about curriculum with my lovely co-teacher.

3:45 Gather up the students who will be learning about being Young Playwrights [Lab] and head upstairs for the class, wondering if I can fake my way through.

3:47  Hear a student announce, “I want to play that sparkly game again. Can we please?”

And I am reminded that THIS is why I do what I do, no matter the personal exhaustion.  Students are learning about being sparkly in their creativity.  What does that mean?  It means being bold and brave and making bigger choices.  It means not caring so much what people think but doing what you love to do and what you discover you are good at doing.  It means creative thinking and a willingness to try things.

8:28pm  Sit at home with my husband who has been released.  Appreciate the fact that days that start with emergency rooms can include sparkly games.  Especially appreciate the sparkle of doctors and children.