Out of the mouths of babes.

I am fortunate to teach a two-week long theater day-camp every summer for 9 to 13 year olds.  It’s a popular camp with many returning campers.  We teach the kids how to create original characters, how to create original scenes, how to create original theater. We also teach so much more… At the end of Out of the mouths of babes.

Winnie the Pooh and ADD

A very dear friend has a stuffed Eeyore sitting on a bookshelf as a sort of mascot.  I love Eeyore.  I always have.  But I also realized that if I confine myself to Eeyore’s myopic world view, I miss a lot of things. I recently saw a term that was new to me.  A.D.D.   Winnie the Pooh and ADD

All Necessary Precautions.

After a long hard slog through winter it is a relief to have signs of spring in view.  The snow-drops peaked out from the receding snowbanks a week ago.  The crocuses are up, their purple petals just starting to unfurl. The rain is softly falling outside.  I sit at the dining room table, lights blazing in All Necessary Precautions.

O the weather outside…

On this frigid night in early January, I am blessed to sit by a roaring fire, encased in a warm blanket, nestled near my husband.  As I sit gazing into the coals that are building up I am reminded of my childhood. Believe it or not, when I lived in the southern most section of O the weather outside…

My life is like the candy aisle…

Just like the candy aisle at your local CVS or grocery store, it’s not even Halloween and I’m in the thick of thinking about Christmas. This will be the 8th year that I’ve helped create, develop and perform in Touchstone Theatre’s annual Christmas City Follies (opens December 5th). Because we create original material each and My life is like the candy aisle…

all hallo-weeny

Halloween is fast approaching.  It used to be, when my own children were young,  that I spent hours preparing my house for the little ghosts, goblins, princesses, expensively bought and home-made fantasy creatures that would dutifully toil up my sidewalk.  Those brave souls were confronted by a wicker table with a LARGE bowl of candy all hallo-weeny

Chaos and creativity

Last night we had company for dinner.  Not just company…colleagues of my husband.  Both highly trained and highly educated.  Often when upon first introduction colleagues of my husband ask me, being polite, what it is that I do? it goes like this: Mary:  I’m a storyteller and a theatre artist. Them:  Oh.  Really?  That’s interesting. Chaos and creativity

of sparkles and emergency rooms

This was my day today: 12:08am.  Husband wakes me up to ask, “does my lip look swollen to you?” 3:30am.  Take husband to ER because not only is his lip swollen, so is his lower face. Between 5am and 1pm there is a round-robin of heading home, heading back to the ER, heading home, heading of sparkles and emergency rooms

The power of listening

I am involved in a theater project (with Touchstone Theatre)that is utilizing a process of “story gathering” for the base material from which I will write a play. That play is scheduled to be produced in April, 2014 (no pressure or anything).   Today I headed out to Bethlehem’s lovely new “Greenway” with a group of The power of listening